First Baptist Church, Justin, Texas

In the book of Acts, Luke recounts a story about the Apostle Peter. One day, Peter is sitting on the rooftop of the home he’s a guest in when God places Peter in a trance-like state and gives him a vision. In this vision, God challenges Peter’s limited conceptions about who the gospel is for. Peter sees a giant blanket full of food come down from Heaven, and then hears the voice of God say, “Peter, eat this food.” The only problem is that the food on the blanket went against his Jewish background, so Peter refuses God’s instructions to eat! God uses this moment to explain to Peter that in Christ, the old Law is gone, and, just like the food before him is now acceptable to all, access to God is now available to all!

Did you catch what God did there? He used Peter’s physical hunger to call him to help meet people’s spiritual hunger that can only be satisfied in Jesus Christ. God wants to use you in the same way he used Peter – to spread the Good News of Jesus to the person next door, across the street, and throughout the world…people hungry for hope, hungry for healing, hungry for the Bread of Life. We need you to help us answer the call to reach the nations. Here are the details:


Q: What is the goal this year?

A: Our goal for FBC Justin is $15,000

Q: What will the money be used for?

A: 100% of the money raised goes to evangelistic mission efforts locally, nationally, and around the world. Just a few of the efforts: Feed The Need, Woman to Woman Crisis Pregnancy Center, FBC mission trips, supporting overseas missionaries, SBTC and SBC missional efforts, and more!

Q: I want to make a difference! How do I give?

A: You can contribute by CLICKING HERE and choosing “world mission offering” or by giving in person using the World Missions envelope in the chairbacks in the sanctuary.

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