First Baptist Church, Justin, Texas

Ted Keck

Minister of Senior Adults

Our family did not go to church when I was a child. One of my brothers went into the Air Force and through a girl friend he found the Lord. Dallas shared the Lord with me and led me to the Lord. I started going to a community church started by the American Missionary Fellowship. The Pastor encouraged me to go to Bible school which I did for one year. Then I went to work to raise money to go to school again. At that time I helped start a Sunday School among lumber-jacks in Idaho. We had a half hour service which I conducted and preached.

Eight months later I went to Sioux Falls, SD where I attended and graduated from college and the North American Baptist Seminary. Because I ran out of money I dropped out of college and was drafted into the army. At that time I met my wife, Lorena, and we were married shortly after my active service.

Throughout my ministry I have taken classes: 1) Completing class work for a masters in family relations at Kansas State University; 2) Class work for the Doctor of Ministry Degree under direction of the NAB Seminary. Projects were not completed for either degree.

My ministry has included five senior pastorate positions, interim pastor in eight churches, sponsor for Kansas NAB youth, chairman of Kansas NAB family camp, chairman of camp board in Oregon and on board of directors for a nursing and retirement home, also in Oregon.

It was my privilege, in Portland, OR, to be on the Local Arrangements Committee of the first World Baptist Youth Conference held in the United States and to participate in a city-wide revival in Portland. In Fargo, ND, I pastored a church extension project which included building the initial church facility.


  • Book: With Christ in the School of Prayer by Andrew Murray; Brother Lawrences book Practicing the Presence of God.
  • Food: Steak, pie
  • Snacks: Chips and dip
  • Movie: The Sound of Music; I enjoy westerns
  • Actor: John Wayne
  • Place in the world: Jackson Hole, Wyoming, and the Grand Tetons
  • Place to pray: At my desk
  • Recreations/sports: Big game hunting, football, golf
  • Scripture: Galatians 2:20
  • Most people dont know about me: I pole vaulted in high school (went to state in Oregon)
  • One of the best things someone said to me: You were the first to talk to me about going into the ministry. (Became president of a Christian college and seminary) Another best thing said was the influence I was as their counselor at camp.
  • One thing I find fascinating: many Christians do not read their Bibles.

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